how to order

How to Order/Download

Step 1 Register/Login to your Account on Login Page

Step 2 Add to cart your required order test bank/solutions manual/ebook

Step 3 View your cart and click checkout for payment by pay pal.

Step 4 When you reach pay pal login page, login to your pay pal and send payment.

Step 5 After payment, you will get email confirmation of purchase. We are not provide instant download, an admin will send you of your desires file via email. If the file size is too large, then we will be send you download link. .

Step 6 Normally it takes 6 hours to send you the file, but in case any abnormal situation it may takes 12 hours

Step 7 Please note, if your required title is not listed in our store, or you don't get your order file after payment,please contact us on

We will arrange your required title, if available, and let u know by email.